This is a game of violence child so be wary where you step

Date: 8/7/2017

By wanderingSnake

In this dream I was a girl with long pigtail plats a thin top half for her figure and wide hips, I think she was an acrobat or gymnast any who she foolishly herself into a bet with what looked like a combination of the joker from Batman and the devil it's gnarled face and smokey laugh a haunting image. the devil thing was the judge in this bet a test of wills for her to contest against two other players of the devils choice. The first a weird woman thin and short her species a strange shark person like a horrible misinterpretation of a mermaid with legs, fins splaying from arms, back and head, skin a mottled white and violet. Her eyes vile and predatory. The second of the devils choice was another shark person a male taller and had much more muscle that us his face was sharper and more angular his hair ink black and skin white with blue slash markings across his cheeks and neck like a tattoo of sorts. Our first trial was with precision we had rounds upon rounds of threading objects through various holes in containers without the object touching the side of the hole. the shark woman was the most clumsy and lost to easy she was to brash and boastful in her speed she solidified her failure and whatever fate the devil had for her, as rounds and rounds of threading things came and went the devil played poker with the losing shark as he waited for a winner speaking roughly, smoke wafting from his mouth as he spoke tempting and teasing to both competitors. He riled up the shark man making him more aggressive in action and words threatening us and making physical show of disgust for us. We won the first trial by a hair, the shark man was enraged and the devil delighted. The second trial the worst so far announced so gleefully is a trial of swords. The devil pitting us against the pissed off shark man in a battle to the death, there is no possible way we would win no when it has such predatory prowess behind its back, it grins so sinisterly at us hungry for a fight. Valuing our lives we ask for a restroom break before the trial, the devil allows it. We run and we hide. Not long after the sharks come looking pissed off that they are cheated out of a fight, looking to devour us.