⚠️ long and contains a trigger (maybe) ⚠️

Date: 6/21/2017

By Hoodie_Ninja

We climbed on top of a really big building. It had lots of room and connected bridges we were insanely high off the ground. I say we because it was me and this little boy I think we were both six or younger. We were so small. We were getting chased by this guy named bull I remember because he had a name tag. We would lock ourselves in these multitude rooms and then get out. Every once and a while we would over power him. He always had a weapon something small in his hand and I could never see what it was. We got the guy to get near a cliff after I threw his weapon. So he asked me for a pencil and I got a huge bag of number two pencils and threw those off I pushed bull off the cliff and he died. Me and the little boy were safe for moments. A man came to our door banging more like. He was asking to be let in we let him in. He came in and he said he heard bull had been a bully to us and if it was true. We said yes and bull appeared by the man and the man he made bull disappear. Then he sat down with us and made us calm and the little boy he grew up some how and said he was going to walk to the office then he killed himself by jumping off the many bridges that connected the houses. After realizing what he was doing I ran after him in which the man ran after me and stopped me. I screamed at him that my friend just jumped and he let go and I jumped too. Once I was falling this song started playing. "Am I crazy and do I show it" in a very happy tone it was upbeat. I hit the ground and the song kept playing as i landed there was no blood not until the people came to clean up. They sprayed water on the concrete to clean the mess. I remember a news headline about us our suicides. I think we were mental patients I think this because even after I had landed on the ground I was in a bedroom my bedroom, but more dull the song was still playing and I woke up.

AI generated interpretation This dream could be interpreted as a reflection of negative feelings within yourself. The small boy in the dream could represent your inner child who is seeking protection, while the man could represent a part of yourself that is seeking guidance, and the bully, Bull, could represent a fear or negative feeling that has been internalized. The scene where you throw the pencils and push him off the cliff could symbolize the moment when you finally take control of the fear and confront it. The self-harm of the boy and yourself could be a representation of the self-destructive tendencies you may be feeling, or could represent the need to escape the fear and the control it has over you. Lastly, the upbeat song playing as you land could indicate that you are beginning to find hope and feel empowered even in the midst of a difficult and challenging situation.