the boy at the cafe

Date: 2/8/2017

By gemmafry7

Sitting outside a little cafe and got talking to a hot guy..joking around and he asked if he gave me a cheque if I could buy him something using that cheque. He managed to convince me and I agreed. Thrown into an almost eastenders episode where it was a weddding and we were helping trying to get everything ready. Dad was jack. He was flying over a horse trampede and fell and died from being trampled. Ruby started chasing peacocks. Apparently that was their imagination and it never happened. I walk into a sweet shop and hear the guy I'm seeing (the one with the cheque) talking to his mother saying how he's going to put me up for three years prison as when the girls leave to pay with the cheque they always leave their bags behind which he uses to set them up and put drugs in there. I didn't do that however I left it behind when I went to the bathroom. I see Adam outside a little later smoking and say I want to confront my boyfriend and that I'm scared he's going to hurt me so can he please be there and protect me. Adam obviously took it as a come on but agreed. Confronted boyfriend, got angry, Adam hit him.