my mom left us.

Date: 7/27/2019

By boogigi

my dad had some kind of accident so we were all in the ambulance, but it wasn't life threatening (it was like a broken bone or something). my mom was talking to the ambulance driver and they started getting off topic, and me and my sister noticed the conversation drifted into his love life. I gave carson a weird look. and then we heard nothing. I peeked up to the front, and they were kissing. my jaw dropped. I ran out of the ambulance with my sister and my mom didn't bother to stop us. she told the man to keep driving, all while my dad was in the back on some kind of anesthesia so he didn't hear anything going on. I hugged my sister and cried a little. I just didn't understand what was happening. we were in some random neighborhood, and we started knocking on random doors to ask if they could let us use their phone. we came across a highschool, and we both went inside and ask a couple teachers for help. we told them our situation and they let us call our brother to drive us home. I dont exactly remember how the dream ended, but I do remember we saw my mom and the man together on a street after they had dropped my dad off, and she saw us and just walked the other way while holding his hand.