Date: 3/9/2017

By nolan_truth

The newscaster said that aliens were coming. I was lying on my back in bed with my iPad, and for some reason I was recording myself with the front facing camera. I was getting tired, and having trouble keeping my eyes open. I eventually fell asleep, with the camera still running. When I woke up, it was still dark. I decided I would look at the recording. It showed me falling asleep, but after I feel fell asleep, I opened my eyes slightly, with only the whites showing, and began mumbling incoherently. *dream skips* Aliens were in my room, but I couldn't find them. My pet bird was also on the loose in my room. The feds came and tried to search for the aliens, but I wouldn't let them. *dream skips again* Several dream years pass. I'm at some fair with some friends. I clutch in my left hand several strange stones given to me by the aliens. I meet up with more friends at the trunk of the car, and we discuss how the aliens had been friendly after all.