Big Red Spider

Date: 3/14/2017

By LovelyAlice777

I was at work and a big red spider wouldn't stop following me and trying to sit on my shoulder, head, etc. I tried to put it down gently but that wasn't working. It just jumped back on me again. So I got mad and I threw it and it hit my friend, Ray, in the face. He freaked out, but that didn't do anything to repell the spider from jumping on me. It started crawling up my back so I got a really hard ice pack out of the freezer and I handed it to my other friend, Justin. "Here Justin, I want you to take this ice pack and hit me in the back with it as hard as you can. Just try to hit he spider more than me." Justin scoots the spider further up on my back and did nothing helpful. So I went downstairs and found some random dog and threw the spider at the dog and the dog ate the spider. Then the dog morphed into Reks and he died from eating the spider. It was then that I realized I could have stepped on the spider... Then I felt bad because I killed Reks and the spider. And then I got fired and Dr. Killough hated me for killing his dog.