Standard trip to Home Depot

Date: 6/24/2019

By catalinitadaisita

So in my dream, my estranged father, my sister, my mother and I when to Home Depot. My father and sister waited in the car with a bag of donuts while my mother and I went in. When we went in, a bunch of these large, tough men were in our way and refused to move their carriages because we were women and they said that Home Depot was a place for men only. So obviously I didn’t like that so as soon as I had a chance I shoved their carriages away and outside into the parking lot. I accidentally shoved an old lady’s away but I went and helped her get it. Once I realized that the men knew what I did, I bolted outside and back into the car, climbing into the back. My sister offered me a donut and I explained what had happened.