Bapang pong

Date: 8/19/2017

By jaylawrence

I dream i was in the wake of my uncle bapang pong ( he was dead long time ago). He is not in a coffin but rather laid on a bed bare chested and his skin is so pale, I was startled to see him moved and this became apparent and he makes a wailing sound, suddenly he moves uncontrollably even to the point of standing on the wall, so i was prompted to ask my uncles and cousins to restrain him, to my dismay he was lock underneath the cellar and place inside a sack. I felt sorry and remembered the days we had together, i cried, and i tried reaching for him bellow the cellar on a sling shot rope just to get near the sack and whisper to his ears the words I'M SORRY to him. On hearing my voicehe said OK in acceptance, that is the timehe stop quivering inside the sack and perhaps forgiven me.