Amusement Park

Date: 2/25/2019

By PetrichorBleu

I'm in the theatre again, but instead of watching a show I'm leaving the building to find it was an auditorium inside a larger park with no discernable theme. I follow the shadow figure through a number of trails with random destinations and none of the park seems to connect properly, but we stop in front of a "water park" which is just a giant, pool-sized bath tub. I decide to go in, and the tub starts to fill with water that's just just the right temperature at first, but within a few seconds the water gets colder and colder until it feels like ice water is being dumped into the tub. I cant get out of it, and when the tub is almost full the water starts getting murky and disgusting, and the intestines and severed limbs from my previous dream start floating to the surface of the water, but I can't move to keep them from touching me. I woke up right after the water covered my head and I saw an unrecognizable face staring at me.