Alien Wedding

Date: 1/27/2017

By Lunae

I remember that I was just walking on the side of this narrow, rocky road. I was careful to not get hit by a car that drives by. It was nighttime and there was no source of light yet I could see where I was going. On the walk, there was this two small group. It was difficult to pass by safely because as I said, the road was very narrow. I was gonna slip out those people when the group behind me pushed me and made me bump this one person at the group in front of me. Wait, slash that. It wasn't a person. It's this mushroom head alien holding a glass of fruit punch. It looked like the usual alien people my age would draw. Narrow Face, a pair of big black eyes. But except of it being green, it was grey. And it's head is like.. Imagine a mushroom head made of cartoon boxes. So its a box head alien. I bumped to the alien, making it spill it's fruit punch. It said something that I forgot. Probably swearing. It pulled me me forcefully by the arm and brought me to this wedding. It was of a human bride and an alien groom. The guests were a mix of humans and aliens. I saw a glimpse of the newly-wedded couple just before I heard my name called. I turned and saw a female alien (I don't know how I discern the gender. I just knew it was a girl). The female alien was all like "You finally came!" "You're a mess" and I told them about how I got lost (I dont remember the specific stuff I said) "No matter . You're here now. Let's have fun" and that's exactly what I did. Humans mingling with Aliens, talking at the same language. I spent the party enjoying myself and wondering why the bride looks so familiar.