Power Rangers

Date: 7/1/2017

By TwentieToo

There was this really nice modern house in the middle of nowhere. There were fields and an ocean. There were a lot of workers gardening and farming. In the yard, there were a bunch of llamas. There was this girl, whom I was suspicious about. There were a lot of people, mostly guys who also lived in the house. This girl was dark haired and wore lingerie. She was in this bedroom with a gigantic bed that had dark lighting. She was sleeping with pretty much everybody who lived or worked there. That really wasn't the concern of mine, but when I found it out in the dream, I was a bit surprised. I think I found something else, or was close to finding something out, but I don't remember what it was. I remember confronting her. Then I think we may have slept together, I can't remember. So I've had this next dream before, well, the first part. There's this girl, I don't know her name, but she sits and draws this girl. A character she's made up. The character's name is Ninya. She's super skinny, has gigantic wide eyes, and long straight thin hair. She has dark circles under her eyes and looks a bit sickly. Every time I have this dream the mystery girl draws Ninya, except in a different outfit. It takes place in the same place too. There are these tables, kinda like cafeteria tables and are connected to this thing. You get on and then you go around the room in a squiggly shape. Whenever I have this dream, I always visit mystery girl with one of my friend's friends. We get on the thingy and sit and talk to her. This time we asked her if she had seen Dumb and Dumber. She hadn't, so we decided we'd go and see it. We then were in this room with a giant tv and a couch. We sat on the floor while the mystery girl sat on one end of the couch. On the other end, sat my friend and her boyfriend. When her boyfriend found out what we were watching he clapped his hands excitedly. I laughed and told him, "I watched...uh...something...last night and there was a guy with dark hair who did that little clap thing whenever he was excited." He blushed and giggled. Then I turned around deep in thought, trying to figure out what movie I had seen, then I woke up gasping and I whispered out loud, "Power Rangers. That was the movie."