Ghost Girl

Date: 6/5/2017

By TheMagicalSquid

While at this unknown school I eventually got injured intentionally by this ghost girl in an attempt to spend time with me alone while I slowly recovered on the bed. After I recovered, I would start talking to her where she would communicate by writing and n the wall. It was then I learned her name was Penelope and her nationality seemed to be Korean. I assumed she was in love with me due to all the things she did that me. But slowly this "relationship" started going bad as she started murdering certain people that she deemed they deserved to die. She was just trying to protect me and herself in some twisted sort of way. I then decided to travel to Penelope's mother house. It was at that location I learned Penelope last name was Kissinger due to the sign stating this was the Kissinger family. I talked to Penelope's mother about Penelope but she refused to talk about her dead daughter at all. She then eventually decided to help and left to set up the solution. So while I waited outside in the hallway I sensed Penelope's presence as she started urging me to follow her with writings on the wall showing her intentions. I slowly started following her directions until I reached a closet. I knew and sensed that it was dangerous to go in the closet but Went in anyway. Instantly was pushed back from the entrance and the doors locked. I was at first confused at why Penelope wanted to lock me in a closet but I came to the conclusion that there a was her way of being with me either by killing me due to the depleting oxygen and being with her in the afterlife. Even if it wasn't that, I knew I had to get out. Eventually Penelope's mother came with the materials to help solve my problems but it was too late as I was trapped and in a closet now. She said before walking off "sorry kid but there's nothing I can do for you now." While I pondered a plan to get out a message from a sport movie saying you have to use your brain sometimes came to my mind and I used that to devise a plan. I started reasoning with Penelope over if she truly loved me and if we wanted to be in a relationship she would allow me to say one more thing. I heard faint crying as she knew the consequences of her actions by doing no this and eventually let me it. We then had a funeral for Penelope Kissinger as she now accepted her death and wanted to move on. But before leaving I walked up the her now as she finally showed up in a physical form to give some last words but before I could she grabbed me and kissed me on the cheek, smiling and blushing after. I was stunned by this s sudden action while her mom there came up the say her last words before Penelope moved on to the afterlife. (Dream was partially lucid as I had some control over the decisions I made but for the most part it was me going with the flow)