Cayde-6 (again) and Destiny

Date: 6/22/2017

By anonymous­čÉ▒

He was in the dream a lot and apparently got my name wrong and thought it was 'Kayden', (which I remember seeing in print in the dream when he said it) and that he was jealous of that name. He was all over in the dream. His blue eyes glowed/shined very bright, and even in a crowd he was easy for me to spot. I remember seeing him from a distance away as he was going down a flight of stairs amid a (panicked? and) hurrying crowd. Kind of had a Mockingjay part 1 feel to the place/people. Previously, the dream was very Destiny-like and I remember summoning my ship (not sparrow, but my yellow and blue javelin model favorite ship) and then standing on it as it hovered away from who I was talking to, as they were annoying or something. The location of this had a kind of Star Wars prequels feel to it, like the place that the younger obi-wan was at. There was a bright sunshine from above and a mechanical feel to it all. My ship went around a corner where I was able to be undisturbed. Also, I'm pretty sure Ikora Rey was in the dream at some point, acting very Warlock-ish as usual. I remember that Cayde was particularly fond of me (also that I was as a guardian in this whole dream) and he said my name many times and pronounced it kind of like "Kelly" I think, or something with a K that sounded very smooth and generally great when he said it. Okay so I think Cayde is fantastic and am so glad he's in another dream of mine now, so yeah :)