Date: 8/2/2017

By sleepycallie

Okay so, it started off with it taking place in the parking lot of my neighborhood. I was going to dance practice but I got taken out to get taught the dance 1 to 1 with this girl named esmeralda. As she was teaching me it, Mahogany, Anahi, Estephanie and Vero came and for some reason my mom made pozole so they got some and were eating it. (Some girl was like "I don't like pepinos" and I got so mad I kicked her out for disrespecting the pozole) Esmeralda left and my uncle was eating with us outside. All of a sudden it turned into a party & some guys were in my house. There were people saying that they were putting drugs in each room so I went to go stop them but they were already putting it in my room. I took the pills away from the guy and told him that if he didnt leave i'd call the cops and keep the pills. He was like "okay i'll leave" and he transformed into a cat and i was like "wait before you leave go on your back" and he was a white and black cat and he was on his back and i was like "turn into the number 42!" And he did and i was like "okay you can leave" he left but he had put ecstasy in my room so i went to go get it and I had it in my hands. I walked out and Jose was at the door talking to my mom about the drugs so I told him to go with me into my room and I was like "what drugs are these?" But he didnt know so I told him to leave, I was walking out with him when Anahi was leaving in the back of a truck and she called me over and was like "take these" and she put the pills in my mouth mixed with breath mints and she was like "it wont be as strong" and i had already digested it so i was like "might as well take the other ones" and as i was taking them jennys mom came over to my house?? She went inside and my brother was sitting down talking to my mom and jennys mom disappeared uh.. then i explained to my mom what had happened and she was like "okay" and I took another pill in my room and i was texting jenny asking where her mom was and she told me she went to the dentist on 808 Grand Plaza or something so I looked it up and I was typing funny and i saw it was the house from that one movie where the house comes a live and eats the kids so I ran to go rescue her but I remembered my friends asked to hang out so I stopped by their house and Vero had moved houses and Jenny, Jesus and Mario were outside and I went and we were talking and then Jenny was like "Vero you got a tree house?" And Vero was like "bitch I don't know I might" so I got bored and went to go find Jennys mom and then the whole world flipped upside down so everything was flipped vision and i was like "uh" and then I woke up.