I was supergirl

Date: 6/12/2017

By sharkey161

I went to some kind of space banquet and met this lady that was super hot, so i go up to her and we hand out i find out that she is engaged to someone by an arranged marriage, and she does not really like the guy, it turns out that she is half kriptonian and has a golden lion, which is pretty cool. I tell her that i am supergirl, and she is not super impressed, later on her jerky feonce shows up and she tells me that she has a bunch of feelings for other people, she names a list and then she says and you. I perk up, and say come with me to the bathroom, i was hopping we could make out or something, but we go in there and she is like, well im not adopting you or anything, so instead of making out i just hug her because she is crying about the arranged marriage. She then tells me that that we should pretend that never happened, because she was required to marry this guy. The banquet come back down to earth, and this ship with a bunch of dudes whering black shirts and baseball hats come out of it they wanted to kill some of us, so ovi im Supergirl and i fight them, but once i see that the lady with her golden lion i rush over to her and avoid the fight. We sit down at a cafe and discus her past, she was part of a tribe and participated in the sacrifical marriage of the chief, i bunch of ladies where feathers and make weapons and gifs for the chef to marry them then the chief kills the ones who dont have good enough gifts or were not pretty enough, i then learn the girls name is Catherine, her jerky soon to be husband finds her and tells her its time to leave and go back home, catherine is upset but goes off with him. I then find of the the men with the black shirt and baseball caps behind the door of the cafe, i try not to make a big scean out of killing him, but it attracts some attention but no one probably suspects anything saying there was a golden lion in the cafe just earlier. This next part is off topic I go to Spanish class which has a weird sub named mr crabapple, we were suppose to spend two nights in there he wants us to play a weird game and then change into our pjs. We finish the very confusing game and then i leave. Back on topic I gather up a friend and we leave to go to the planet Catherine is on so we can rescue her and take her to earth so she wont need to deal with the chief, the planet ends up being this dark beaten up planet with a bunch of rubble, there are scary looking ladies that pop out to try to scare you, but i really just want to find Catherine. We end up finding her in the middle of her wedding ceremony, and when the priest asks if anyone has an objections i scream i object, Catherine looked startled but then relieved, i took her hand and tried to walk her back on to the ship, but them the chief jumps in front of me and looks furious i then engage in an epic battle with him which i won and Catherine and her golden lion comes home with me and then i woke up. This was probably a happily ever after the end