i adopted someone

Date: 6/7/2017

By mediocrates

i have never in my life untill now had dreams about children or wanted them in teal life. so i was still at my parents house & still attending college but i apparently had adopted a girl. she was unaccustomed​ to living with people or something but she loved me & i loved her. i could feel that. she would roam the house at night and sit on the roof but i had to make sure she was properly dressed. then i was preparing to go to college & i gave her my room. she slept in the bed with me & i would tell her stuff at night. it was stuff like i will love you forever & be a good girl & take care of yourself and everyone else u r my family. she wasn't young but she wasn't older than me. I couldn't tell her age but she said i have long legs just like her. throughout the dream i could tell that i loved her & she loved me too.i woke feeling hollow that it was just a dream.