Date: 3/25/2017

By Maffiwip

Really weird Meeting my brothers somewhere It feels like it's not on Canada but it is But maybe a different universe kind of thing. Hanging out with them, we make a quick stop somewhere. It's weird, where people live but it's like the prison on OITNB. Open, poor ish. Brothers are visiting someone and I'm on my phone mostly. At some point I get up because I realize people are getting ready to go. Something happened. There's a fire downstairs maybe. Also emergency people looking like they're from Rome. The family we are with keep calling for their dad, who was just here but now they're gone. Being a hero, my papa (love and is very young, like 40s.) starts going downstairs. "Are you going to look for him?" One ofmy brothers ask him, movie style he looks over his should and says "I have to" cause he used to be a fire fighter (irl it was Air Force) I get scared because in movies he would die in the process of saving people. Wake up.