{2 Dreams} Lucid Adventure [Lucid] (Fri Sep,8 2017)

Date: 9/8/2017

By Sorrnin

1: I wake in my house and I realize I am dreaming right away. I want to have sex so I go outside and I say, spawn a fucking guy. Then there is a guy and I go over to him and kiss him and say to him, you know how guys like sex? Well I am a girl and I like sex too. Then we have sex. Then I am at my grandparents house and my friend Gina is there and I say hi to her. Then I am outside my grandparents house and my grandpa is talking to this asian couple and Then I talk to them and they tell me their son is a kpop idol and he is Zelo in B.A.P (kpop boy group). Then I am in a store with my mom and I split away from her and go buy blackout paint. Then I am trying to find Zelo to have sex with him but I was in some building house thing with my brother and this kid threw something at my brother and the mom of this kid is being a bitch so I call her a bitch. Periodically throughout the dream I would pinch my chin to make sure I was still dreaming and sure enough every time I pinched my chin, it did not hurt. 2: I am outside my grandparents house and two guys are chasing me wanting to have sex with me when I wake up.