5 cent coin

Date: 8/16/2017

By snaporaz

I dreamt that a 5c coin fell into an undefined structure in space, it was part machine part organic. when the 5c coin touched the structure the impact created a hole in it and the coin landed on the floor of this large room padded by living organisms that looked like cells but were the size of bricks. the coin landed in the middle of two cells, one was male the other female. bc the coin was on top of them it changed the energy in these two cells and little by little they started disconnecting from the rest of the room and levitating into the air, they passed the original crack created by the coin and with the 5c still on top of them, started floating in space getting further and further away from the structure. there was a narration maybe by david attenborough that these two cells and the coin would slowly create a new system and civilisation.