on the run

Date: 2/25/2017

By psyche

i have no idea what i did but i was on the run from someone. the government? the cia? i'm not sure but i'd done something they didn't like. i was on the run in my car and they were attacking me from the sky with fire balls when they could find me. they never hit me tho. i'm not clear on the sequence of events and i was with someone but i can't remember who they were. we went to some bar and saw seth there. we were talking to him and i said i wished we had some weed. he said not to worry he had plenty and we should go back w him to his apartment. we headed out and the person i was with was driving. he was driving too fast and seth told him to slow down cuz there was a cop but it was too late and the cop flashed his lights and pulled us over. seth was upset cuz he had like half an oz of weed on him. the cop came up to the window and spoke to who i now remember was a girl with shortish blonde hair and looked kind of like chloe moretz. i guess the cop thought she was cute cuz all he said was "you're like 17 right?" and let us go. we went to seths apartment and smoked. i remember feeling pretty uncomfortable and eventually leaving and being stuck in some really bad traffic. after that i remember wandering around not really knowing where to go cuz i guess i didn't have a home of my own. i went back to the apartments where seth was staying but i didn't feel like it would be ok for me to impose. it went on for a little while longer but that's all i remember