Date: 6/22/2017

By biscuit

I was going back to Hawaii for school, but this time the school I went to was to train people how to use superpowers. When you arrived at the school, you could pick a main ability, and then up to nine sub-abilities. I guess most students only picked one so they could focus, but I made sure to get as many useful ones as possible. Because I picked so many, they weren't as strong, but I had lots of functionality. The one I used the most was wings, which gave me a pair of invisible wings that let me fly as fast and as high as I could handle, for as long as I cared to go. It was exhilarating and beautiful, especially when I flew over the ocean. I didn't remember most of my other powers, and I kept having nagging thoughts to check up on that list and make sure I knew what they were. While I was at the school, I was taught a lot of different things, like how to read ancient Greek, how to help people, and some basic school stuff. I don't remember a lot of specific details, but it was a significant period of time that I was going to this school. At one point, I was exploring a neglected area of campus, I found what I thought was a secret cave. The entrance was at the top of a ladder, ten feet above the surface of the water in a pond beside some fields that grew food for the school. In the cave were some handmade weapons that would only fit in the hands of a garden gnome, and a curious sculpture of some unknown animal. It had Greek writing all over it, and I still couldn't read it. The glaze on this clay figurine was really well done, even though the figurine itself was lumpy and off-looking. While I was checking it out, I heard two people approach the entrance of the cave, so I hid in the darker, hidden part in the back. When they got closer, I recognized them as my classmates, and came out to greet them. They were surprised to see me there, and asked me what I was doing in this place. I don't remember what I told them. But then I decided to go back to the school, so I flew back. When I got to the main building, which was a huge skyscraper, I noticed something was off. The main entrance to the tower was at the top, and you had to ride in a small capsule elevator all the way up the side to get up there, and the capsules were all backed up. I recognized one of my professors and another classmate who were stuck in their capsules, and then I saw why - they were being forced to sign some agreement that would put them under some very unfair contracts to the government. Once they signed the papers, they were allowed to move forward. I think President Obama was also in a capsule. I swooped in and grabbed the classmate I could see before she signed the paper, and flew her to the top of the building myself. She was covered in bruises and cuts like she had just been attacked, and her clothes were cut up as well. We stopped at a space near the top of the building, where there was a small pool of water which I guess was meant to be a birdbath, and I set her in it. I tried remembering what my other powers were, and I remembered one called Peace. I used it on her, and she was able to calm down, but her wounds didn't heal up at all. Then I remembered another one called Vitality, and used that one. She instantly felt well-rested, and she started to heal up under her own power. She thanked me, and then pulled out her reserve super suit, because her clothes were torn in some very unfortunate places. I turned around so she could change, and what I saw behind me was concerning. There was a giant warped man striding towards the school. Everything he touched wilted and melted, and his body didn't keep normal proportions. His head was gigantic, and his limbs were long and spindly. His skin looked like it was made of the same stuff as a slime mold right before it breaks up and releases its spores, but it bent instead of cracking as he walked. He scowled at me as I tried to remember a power to use on him, and then destroyed a whole wall of the school and strode on in. Before I could act, though, Kaitlyn Ramsey (from YSMT) floated up, and started flirting with the girl I had brought up to this point. Kaitlyn was a semipro hero, and I didn't know what her powers were. But she flew off after a while, and then I was free to investigate the situation inside the building. When I got inside and found my roommates, they were looking down at the big steaming mass of villain in the courtyard. He hadn't lasted long against the student council, and there were bits of him splattered everywhere. By the way, my two roommates were a shorter black kid who was super smart, and a buff islander who had a long history of fighting crime as an unregistered vigilante. They both were trying to get rid of the chunks of villain as fast as possible, by throwing them off the railing. They told me that this villain was named Larry Longlegs or something, and that he was a big time villain in the 70s, but that he was publicly defeated and humiliated years ago. They didn't know why he would be here now, but they did know that his power was basically being a gigantic overpowered slime mold. He could digest almost anything thrown at him, and he could regenerate through spores. The copies weren't as strong, but when they fused together, they became identical to the original. The most surefire way to defeat him was with fire, but his attack had cut off the gas and electricity. I remembered then that I had chosen heat as one of my abilities, and I cupped my hand and focused. Eventually, I got a hot orange ball of light sitting in my palm, and I held it up towards a throbbing spore. It sizzled and burned, and started to melt in on itself. The mass in the courtyard shifted and seemed to look at me in annoyance, and the spore shriveled away to nothing. I tried it on a few more spores with both hands, and after a few minutes Larry, who had been faking being defeated, stood up and shambled out the hole he had made on the way in. My roommates and I celebrated, and I used another one of my powers that I had forgotten about: summon fruit. I held out my toes, and some Mandarin orange slices flew out of nowhere and lodged themselves in between my toes. They were kind of dirty, which was gross. Both of my roommates somehow thought this was really cool, and they tried the same thing. My black roommate got apple slices, and my islander roommate got peeled bananas. I used another power to generate water, and rinsed off my orange slices so I could eat them. Then I went flying over the ocean again. I think I had a friend on my back, so I showed them how exciting it was, by flying really high and then diving and almost hitting the surface of the water. Then I pulled up into a loop and spiralled up and over the island. It was pretty great. I considered flying back to the mainland to tell everyone what just happened, but I thought that maybe my powers wouldn't work in Arizona for some reason. Then I woke up.