Date: 3/6/2017

By HumptyDumpty

I remember being a third person camera man in this dream. I am not Flash but I follow him pretty much like how you'd watch the series. So in this dream, Flash is trapped in a catholic school sort of building and he can't escape because his attempts at escaping keeps getting blocked by a stretchy guy (let's just call him Stretchy Guy). Yes, Flash is suuuper fast but Stetchy Guy seems to be one pico-second faster than Flash in flicking him away from escaping. And to add to those facts, he can't be seen by the students. So when a student comes by, he runs really fast on the ceiling so he would not be seen. But students hardly appear because it seems that class was still on going. Then Flash got an idea. He fakingly tried to exit via the chapel windows, was thwarted but when he was about to find another place to escape to making Stretchy Guy think he's looking for another exit, he immediately forced himself again out of the chapel windows and finally was able to go out by tricking Stetchy Guy.