My strange zombie dream

Date: 8/30/2019

By amandaforreal

I was sitting in my living room and watching tv just some shows , and a couple of advertisements. But for some weird reason the tv told me they were about to show zombies, and I myself am not very good with zombies so I immediately looked down but could still see half the tv so I covered my eyes but then I realized it's only gonna be what my brain thinks a zombie would look like, and so I uncovered my eyes and relief! Because the zombies were fine and enough for me to look at=) then the scene changed and it was a leader of some sort this guy was pacing back and fourth talking to me in a huge room and as I looked to the right this leader told me he was the king of zombies and was wearing thanos armour? And he told me I had to go through this obstacle course in order to be great! And I'd have to not be tackled by his zombie army! And so I ran and kicked some zombie butt, but on the last step a zombie grabbed me by the ankle and apparently I did not like that and I hit the zombie three times and hissed as if I were a creature! And then...... I woke up!