Bachelorette zombie apocalypse

Date: 8/4/2017

By nati

So it was the zombie apocalypse and me and my brother were in our house and all of a sudden Jordan Rodgers and Jojo (the bachelorette) show up with their daughter. We were hiding in my office just in case there were zombies in the house waiting for us. So Jordan is doing work on our computer and something gets on jojos pants so she has to change them. She goes outside to look for pants and everything seems ok. Then her daughter goes looking for her. At this point we knew there was a zombie outside the office. Jordan was so busy working we had to slap him to tell him his wife and kid were in danger. The three of us grabbed scissors and went outside. But by the time we got out the girls had already taken care of the zombie. So we decide to move on to another house and live there while we still had food. In the kitchen there was a pan filled with tide pods and epsom salt and according to jojo if you pour coke in it and wait a couple hours it'll turn into coke with ice. So now we had Coca Cola. Then it turned into a montage of us like a happy little family.