Rpg summoner

Date: 4/6/2017

By dixsilence

I was on a rpg game, I was some kind of summoner. I came to my old school with a friend. To get there we had to cross the city to an old train station wich was in a tower infested with people, they even fell off to the ground. My friend knew a shortcut so I followed him through a halley and some cut off railway. We ended at my old school in a corner near the bathrooms, there we found our master, an old man with a girl disciple. We had to climb to a third floor above those bathrooms, to a big old hall made of wood and rusty metal railways (?). We were ready, my master gave me an old book, it had engravings and symbols I couldn't understand, they were instructions to use it. I just pressed the buttons and a little ethereal blue wolf appeared in front of me. I was supposed to control it with the book but it was hard as balls, It took me like ten minutes to get the hang of it. Then the old man left and we were alone trapped inside and supposed to go up by a creepy rusty and blood covered stairs. My wolf was kind of stupid and went running up stairs by himself, I heard him screaming and fighting and running down to us again with a big mob of monsters behind him. Then of course it fled to the outside and went fighting people in the city. After a while my friend took over all the demons and we passed the test. We went outside and my wolf was now a high level quimera. When I called him he was so happy, then was attacked by lion-crocodiles and died. Damn it moon moon. After all that I went to a coffee shop, looked outside the window and there was some pretty cure girls fighting more monsters. Wtf.