Date: 5/26/2017

By samthelamb

I was dreaming about sloth. I said where are the sloth My mom said: look up. There it was. scared me. Haha. It look huge. But not huge. Sloth sleeping on the roof and saliva coming out. THEN I was at a big huge place. It was for event something volunteer. I was with my family. BTS came! Suga V Jhope, Rapmoster were there. We took a picture with other people. My sister and I were next to namjoon. BTS had to volunteer to serve food to the girls and the people. This girl I think she asked for a signature and picture. After the volunteer was over Four of BTS member stand over there. Namjoon was near me so I asked him to take a picture. He said yes. I've been waiting for this moment since like forever. I usually have pony tail hairstyle all the time. While I dropped down my bag, I took the hair tie out of my hair. Let my medium long hair be loose. BE BEAUTiful baby.💁🏻 Haha. He asked which side to take. So he went the left side. (For some weird reason he was only like 3 inc taller) We took a picture. I smiled. He smiled with no teeth showing. I saw his dimples. OMG SO CUTE. Oh by the way. He was wearing a police outfit. You know the one from DOPE MV I look into my phone. Check. And then I woke up. ------------------ I dreamed all of this in one hour and half. Like how that's possible? I was taking a nap.