Not A Christian God

Date: 7/28/2019

By Galipsy

I had a dream that I worked where I currently do, but we worked on divination, magic, etc. to help people with their personal problems. My friend was my client, but we didn’t know each other like we do in real life. She told me that she was having trouble speaking with the God(s) she worshipped and needed help. This took quite a long time, and at one point we switched dimensions. Everyone knew we did, but no one cared. Even to the point that my friend mentioned, “Well, in the other dimension we did not have proper translation for Spirits. Now we do.” She, understandably in this situation, was very anxious and ready to hear what I had to say. I couldn’t focus, and had to ask her to wait at another desk in another part of the building. I was surrounded by people who were working, but I created a personal bubble around myself to keep quiet. I reached out both spiritually and mentally until I found the God my friend worshipped. The feeling was intense, like I couldn’t sit still. I kept standing, and moving around, and then sitting down the entire time. The God told me that my friend wasn’t able to connect with them anymore because they were emotionally distraught. They explained that because of this, the connection had been hindered. They had created a series of events that created a band my friend listened to all the time, and one of the songs specifically was about her. She had told me she loved this band (as far as I know, not a real band) and the particular song that was mentioned as it talked about her Green eyes. The God song a bit of it, and it was beautiful. The song had helped her come to me for help, which is what they wanted. In the end, the God had me tell my friend that they were always there, and to never doubt and always listen to the universe because they would be sending her something.