Roger Moore & watching a beautiful woman

Date: 8/17/2017

By awalker406

I took my parents to a special James Bond play, which the late roger Moore was playing the main character again, in an untold story, that never got filmed. The play was in a underground car park, somewhere in London. I managed to get front row seats. We take our place. My parents are so excited to see roger Moore again. As the play is about to begin, a load of London finest druggies stood right in front of us, completely blocking our view. "Got any money?" They start say to us. "No, piss off!" I said. They didn't move, nor shut up. They kept asking again and again. People behind us started whispering to us "Shut up! We're trying to watch this play!". So I decided I give them a pound, hoping they would move on and let us watch the show. "Just a pound? You tight arse!" They said to me. "You got money and you should share it all with us." They said. The people behind started call a member of staff. "We're going to get kicked out and it's only started." My mum panicked. I empty everything I got in my wallet and told them to do one. They all smiled, showing they remaining dirty, disfigured teeth and off they went. By the time they all left, act one had ended. "Bloody hell!" I said to myself. Next scene: I was siting on the bed, watching this beautiful, elegant naked woman getting dressed. She looks at me with her stunning eyes and raise the corner of her smile up. I felt like I knew this very attractive woman and we once had something together but no more.