Running away in a yellow dress

Date: 4/23/2017

By dianalex

So it's another dream about being chased. As far as I can remember, I'm running away inside this large mansion, and there's some mafia/mob behind me. I tell them to meet me somewhere quite specific, but I can't remember where anymore. I do remember fire and some sort of a giant flower that towered over me. So I'm running and running towards that place, and there's a girl in front of me. I don't speak to her (I think) and she's just kinda scouting the route for me. I remember the hallways being strange, like they're curved rather than straight. But that's on the inside. The outside areas were just very spacious, with massive staircases leading inside. Think grand mansion. Anyway so I run, and I remember thinking that the absurd place I told the mafia to meet me at actually exists, and I'm running towards it. But as I approach, for some reason, I start running away. So I just turn a different direction and run. But as I run, I hear the mafia guys talking. They're talking about how they can't believe their luck, they're going to be there and I'm going to give them something and I'd better be there or else. So I'm like "crap crap crap I'm going to run into them and they're going to know I'm running away from where we're supposed to meet" so I start down a different corridor and run until I'm outside. I then run down a massive flight of stairs until I'm at a road. This road is kind of like a u-turn road. Like it rolls out until the mansion then it u-turns and unravels away from the mansion. No dead end, no stop. No parking either now that I think about it. At this point I'm aware that the mafia has realised I'm not where I'm supposed to be and have started looking for me. And I'm running and my heart is beating out of my damn chest. So I'm outside and it's clear that it's night time. Somehow I know that it's the early hours of the morning, like 3am or something. A taxi drives past me on the u-turn and I run towards it. It slows down and I board and I say go, go anywhere somewhere just go. So he drives. The driver is the policeman who settled the admin work of my lost phone a few weeks ago (sobs yes I lost my phone irl). The driver drives and he's talking to me about places to go and for some reason I remember very specifically that as he drove out, there was a barrier. Like you know those metal barriers that they use to block off closed roads? Yeah, that. Except this was there but the road was passable because it was at an angle. The gate was open. But there were these teenage or young adult couples sitting around on the road right in front on the gate. There was a super narrow space for the car to pass through, and this guy's hand was on the floor because he was sitting in that way when you sit on the floor and you're leaning backwards with your arms stretched out behind you so you don't fall backwards? Yeah. As the car drove past them I can see his face very clearly, as well as the girl he's talking to. They look quite hipster and of average attractiveness. I remember thinking the driver had excellent skills to not roll over the guy's hand. So he drives and hands me this iPad and tells me this is a great place to go, but I don't wanna stop anywhere because I'm too afraid of being found. I look at the iPad and it's some foreign country. I can't remember what, but it sounds like Busan. It wasn't, because it wasn't Korea but Thailand or some off shore place. I don't have my passport on me but consider his offer. But turns out he's kidding he didn't actually want to drive there. I remember trying to press the back button on my iPad but it was stuck at that screen, and it looked like the screen had been printed onto it. OH also I realised that the driver's seat was on the left in my dream, which is weird because I've only ever been in cars with the driver's seat on the right. This is something I noticed in the dream. For some reason we end up sitting at a place that looks like a clinic. It's dark and the counter in front of us is wooden and there's a lady with her blonde hair in a bun and thin metal rectangular framed glasses calling out numbers behind it. For some reason people keep going up to her to call for people they'd lost, but no one shows up. This one girl had a box of pizza and the receptionist lady was all like "if you're not gonna come forward I'm going to eat another slice! one... two... there... okay" then she pulls out another slice of pizza, but no one ever goes forward. I never find out what that place is or why we're there because the next thing I know, we've driven away. And it's a rural area in Singapore, which doesn't exist. But I remember it so vividly in my dream. There were rows and rows of tiny metal houses with numbers on the side, by the side of the long stretch of road I was on. The houses were tiny, like probably half the size of my bedroom, and there were so many of them packed extremely closely together, and I remember just thinking that I really want to help them. There were a lot of children there and that's who I wanted to help. Then some things happened but I don't remember what. I know it was some sort of a conflict with 2 kids involved so I ended up going home with those 2 kids. Then at home I make some brownie batter which my sister said tasted terrible and I remember feeling hurt by that because I thought it tasted good and I remember wondering how to bake brownies using an air fryer (because you actually CAN bake things using an air fryer). And that's kinda it.