Hogwarts school? 😳

Date: 5/8/2017

By madnewman13😼

I will be going to high school next year. I think this dream was about I trying and going to new schools. My parents sent me to this school in "Mt. Clemens" but it seemed almost like it was Hogwarts! Now, I haven't read any of the books and only seen a movie and a half of Harry Potter. The school tho reminded me of it because it had stained glass windows, antique lockers and bookshelves, and some kids wearing cloaks! I had went to an art class and come out of it. I climbed down the stairs finding these two kids laughing about something. I don't know what they were laughing about, but it was kinda concerning I cos it was loud. And I had to wear this really fancy uniform. It was actually cool, but I don't like uniforms. 😐😂