Afro Doctor

Date: 9/7/2019

By WhoPotterVianOffTwitter

For some reason I was going to the hospital for something to do with my teeth. This doctor was waiting for me with a massive afro; he was dressed in seventies' clothing, and seemed to know who I was. He explained that my Mum had told him all about me, although when that would have happened I'm not sure because my Mum's only ever been to hospital once (excluding when she gave birth to me and my brother) and that was just overnight! I asked him to check my teeth and he agreed, despite obviously not being a dentist. He noticed that a lot of dirt had built up inbetween them and started doing that thing dentists do where they start scraping it out. Afterwards he apologised and said that must have been uncomfortable. I talked to my Dad about the doctor as we were walking away from the hospital and he agreed that that doctor was a bit of a strange character.