Date: 5/17/2017

By eha

I went to another planet where we were on a huge spaceship and I was with amethyst and Pearl and a blue haired really smart boy, the sky was purple, the grass was blue, and we had to go and explore the planet, the suits were amazing with the chip slides thing and communication in them, the planet was pretty and happy, we split off and each route had a different jumping puzzle, I took the ice platforms, I get over it just to find that were called back to he ship for an actual important mission, so next thing I know we're all in the sewers where the bear with a ripped out back is burping up raccoons and other critters, the bear threatens to eat amethyst and Pearl, but he only says this to me, I say I'll give you the location of the hen house if you help us and be our friend, he agrees and follows us after grabbing a hen, we get out of the sewers to find that the spaceship is decorated oddly and kind off eerily, we go inside to find that a white haired lady was going about turning everything into her minions, so she made all the giant bananas evil even though they couldn't move or do anything, later that night a storm came in and the bear said that if I wanted to keep his trust and friendship, I had to kill some of my mini dragons, which were from dragon vale, so I pour acid into the pens except for the one I wanted to keep, I go back and the bear is happy, then amethyst remembers back to another time we were on a spaceship, that time when my friends were also there, she complained about how Derek never wanted to watch movies and chill and always wanted to explore, then something about the snl skit for a play intermission that Chloe told me about? Then amethyst got sucked out of the spaceship and Pearl told me not to follow her if I wanted to be able to use something (I forgot) again. So I didn't follow her, then The same thing happened with Pearl, amethyst told me, so I didn't followed, they both came back, Pearl before amethyst left so now I went, it felt like I was being stretched a whole lot and I kinda went through a warp but u came back right where I was, in a side glass shaft of the ship, Pearl found her contacts which showed her that the world was actually foggy and red and evil and scary, so we set out to find the antagonist which went unnamed but had a scary face, he had miniature versions of himself all across the land, but before we went we grabbed the special resistant suits which just made the bear run off, I took the ice path again and found his minions were under the platforms, they jumped on my suit and started making loud whirring noises, Pearl jumped on me and tried to get them off, as we were fighting the minis, amethyst came up and helped, it was a great big fight but soon after, I woke up