Big baddies

Date: 3/4/2019

By stev54356

I was back in school and long stories short the janitors were like set on killing the sheriff or something and I happen to be there when they started fighting so I ran then one of the guys started chasing me. Another dream was in a farm area and me Zaire Claudia and miles were walking down a dirt road where nothing was. And to walk back from it we needed to go through a barn and when I got through the barn I saw a red truck which in another game was used by the bad guy and I knew I was in trouble and the 2 dudes in the barn started coming after me so I fought them took one down and I had my foot on his face and said “you don’t deserve to be the dirt under my boot” then the other dude grabbed me and had something sharp and was gonna stab me but I got out of it somehow then I grab a pool stick and hit his head and it broke then I stabbed him in his throat then we walked back to Club fireworks going off