Time Travel?

Date: 8/16/2019

By BooBooJrfangirl

I’m not quite sure what was up with this dream but if I ever want to become a novelist I’ve got a great set up for a YA book. So in this dream I was investigating something with two friends. They weren’t anybody I knew in real life, they felt more like characters. I guess in this universe the three of us were some kind of scooby doo team that solves mysteries. We were in an old abandoned house that was quite run down. After solving some riddles a hologram of the woman who lived there started playing. She was performing some kind of ritual? Surrounding her were a bunch of flowers with the stems cut off. Once she finished her chanting, another woman appeared in the room. This woman was very young (maybe 16ish?) and was wearing Victorian era clothing. She seemed to be quite wealthy because her clothes must have been very expensive if she did come from that era. She was really pretty and had platinum blonde hair. When she came into the room with the ritual woman, she was very annoyed. Based on the way they talked we figured out that this woman really had been living in that time period and the crazy lady had just brought her through time. Apparently this was something the woman did frequently, and always to the same girl. The older woman requested that the girl help her with something “spiritual” again and like always she would send her back. The hologram cut out then and all the flowers started to rot in their place. I’m not sure what the woman needed help with. Through further investigating we learned that the young girl was not originally from that era, however we didn’t know why she was living there. It was apparent that she was not safe in the past and was honestly safer with the older woman. However we never tracked down the older woman or got any answers.