Where am i?

Date: 1/22/2017

By Jaynie

I woke up (in the dream) at a house I don't remember but it was cluttered with stuff and it was really dark. The only other people there were my cousin and my mom. There was this killer coming to get us and we had to push our way through a bunch of random bullshit to get out of the house. my mother decided to be brave and save me and my cousin so she grabbed a kitchen knife and hide while me and my cousin ran further and had hidden between a cluttered bookshelf. we saw the killer but it was masked and had a kor-kita (double sided blade) somehow it already knew where mom was and it stabbed her. Me and my cousin ran and we got outside. Outside was a playground so (being idiots in the dream world) we decided to climb to the top of the playground. and then the dream ended