Jurassic Bloodbath

Date: 1/24/2017

By Midnight Screen

It was a very, very gory dream about myself and a couple others being stuck inside an old warehouse/military training base, while dinosaurs (velociraptors) were hunting us down. the military was also there, and they seemed to be targeting us as well as the dinosaurs. after a while, the military was all picked off and all my friends had gone. one friend had sacrificed herself by running into a room firsts or something. all that was left was me and another man. for some reason we felt the need to have a "last man standing". we thought all the dinosaurs had been killed, and we were fighting. then another man (maybe a general?) turned up and said there was still one left and he was going to watch it. we never saw another dinosaur but it turned into a fight to the death between the three of us. I cannot quite remember what happened to the first man, but it is safe to assume he died. the second man told me that he had become immune to pain and the dinosaur attacks due to a whole in the back of his skull where you could see his pulsating brain through. I ended up targeting this part in the fight with a pencil or some long thin utensil. this killed him almost instantly as I pushed the pencil in further and twisted it round, chunks of his skull falling away. Then it was just me - bloodied and bruised, I passed out. the next morning I awoke, and two children (possibly my own two children in this dream??) where hugging me telling me that they found me as the last survivor.