The boss the stalker and his son the thief

Date: 4/10/2017

By sarra1999

I was trying to sleep peacefully in my room, but I felt a presence like somebody was watching me. I didn't dare to turn or open my eyes to see if there was truly somebody in my room. After a moment I hear somebody playing with a ball in the living room then I hear my mom screaming my little brothers name and asking if he was making that noise. The noise stops. I didn't think about it too much and I fell right back to sleep. In the morning my dad informs me that a thief broke into our house last night. I immediately tell him that I felt him come in my room but weirdly he didn't steal anything. The next night comes and again I feel his presence but this time I wanted to turn to see who it was. But I couldn't move I felt a tingly sensation in my arm (like somebody inject me with something). When I woke up I ask my dad if we can see the thief in the cameras installed in the backyard and he tells me yes. As soon as I go to check the camera recording I notice a guy wearing a astronomer suit running in the backyard. My dad tells me that's the thief. He climbs up the backyard door. I go and get the phone to call the police. The thief looked clumsy and climbs back into our house, he seemed to have forgotten something. He looks at me winks and run away.He starts up his red truck, I immediately take pictures of his car so that we can find him. The next night the thief comes again and this time I turn around to see who it was, he looks at me dead in the eyes and injects me with something that makes me go unconscious. I wake up tied up in a weird basement. I look around there is other people that are also tied up including the thief in the astronomer suit. There is a guy that looks like the boss sitting in a chair talking to two girls that look like they are working for him. The girl tied up next to me asks me to show her my arms. I see two needle mark on both my arms. She told me that she did those to me and she was bragging about it. The boss doesn't seem to be paying much attention to me he deals with all the tied up people until there's only me and thief left. They start talking and I come to understand that the thief is the boss's son, and he is punishing him for hurting me. We both get untied and I am left alone with boss. He presents himself and tells me that we met years ago and ever since he has been obsessed with me. He tells me the story of how we met, apparently we were near a lake with plenty of other people and he fell into the lake and I was the only one kind enough to help him clean up. He even showed me pictures he had of me that day. I take his phone and ask if I can send these pictures to myself. He says sure as long as I only do that with his phone. I send it hoping somebody would see it and try to locate me. I also wanted to send a message asking for help, but I didn't want to get on his bad side. We started talking for hours and hours. I was asking him questions after questions like how long has he been stalking me and all and I was fascinated by him in a weird way. How can somebody be obsessed and stare at person everyday for five years without even trying to talk to them. I felt loved and wanted and protected by him so I decided to stay by his side. We laughed a lot together it felt nice. One day I was walking down the streets with him and his bodyguards and suddenly I see a friend of mine I go and great her and i explain to her the situation. She asks me if she should call the cops and tell her to tell nobody that you ever saw me. I present her to the boss and we all start talking. I ask him if we could all go on a trip (so that I can show my friend that I am not in danger and to keep her from talking to anybody) The boss tells me where do I want to go. Excitedly I say Thailand. He says well that we better start packing our bags because we are going to Thailand and I jump into his arms saying thank you and that's when I woke up.