giants, trip, baby, hyena, wolves and dogs

Date: 4/25/2017

By ash_gui

I was at home. I'm married. I saw some giant people are coming with armour and weapons. I was scared, I hid under a bed. they reached our home and everyone started searching for me. They came to tell my parents that my education at their land is not finished and now I have to go back. I packed everything and put my luggage on a bicycle. I was saying goodbye to my family members. my wife ran away inside home. I went to her, she started telling their is some problem with her. She started screaming and pointed at her stomach. For some reason she turned into 5 year old girl. I called Mom for help. My mom carried her to another young girl. she was still screaming. There was a pond in my garden. The girl dipped her in pond 3 times. She turned into an infant and stopped crying. Now the girl also turned into 5 year old and started running away with the infant. me and my mom started chasing her. She called many other kids. And they started taking things from my luggage. I caught one kid and announced that if the infant and my things are not returned. I will take this kid. All kids surrounded me. I saw a hyena came in attacking stance. I picked up something from my luggage and came in attacking stance as well. Many dogs came and started attacking hyena. A wolf was also there. At some point everything thing was still. I saw that hyena is about to bite my foot. I kicked the hyena hard and fight continued​...