Date: 2/13/2019

By ardipithecus

i was walking outside when there was this suspicious man. i walked passed him and he suddenly attacked me with a knife. he sliced my right arm very deep and then got my other limbs as well while i was trying to stop him. he suddenly turned into a childlike man because i could finally hold him down. he still had a hold of the knife but i had him in a headlock. i was holding onto his hand that had the knife struggling to try and stab his chest with it. i finally did and escaped. i went back home to my husband (who is my ex irl). and told him id been attacked and needed help. he told me he was busy with is job and wouldn’t be able to help me. i showed him how deep my wounds were but he didn’t seem to care. it broke my heart and i tried to convince him to take me to the hospital. his excuse was always the same. i finally yelled at him that i dont need his help and i’m going to the hospital whether he likes it or not. it seemed he was proud in that moment and he decided to be a different person around me for good.