Date: 7/24/2017

By This1LuckyGuy

I was going to Santa Fe with Antoinette. I remember traveling underneath the freeway and we were walking. She believed in me the whole time and the next thing I remember I was at a bank with a bunch of potential customer. I was just speaking to them. But I was trying to get them to sign up. Looking for other people to get on the service. I went to a warehouse and things were muddy and I went in trying to get instructions on what I needed to do. The workers there or very unhelpful. They kept hiding my van and when I was trying to write stuff down they were nebulous about it I could not find the right notebook. Eventually I got the permission I needed but it was strange like I had to pay for things that were free with Kurt. Eventually I got the permission that I needed and I went outside and I didn't have any clothes on I had to put my clothes on and when I did they move the van to where I couldn't find it and I was looking around for it and they kept moving it and hiding it with forklifts. They refused to help me. Only set up obstacles. Only made things harder for me I'll have to go after obstacle after obstacle. I was frustrated but I did not show it.