Vagiclean / RUN

Date: 7/24/2017

By AudioVideoDisco

_________ I was in the shower, Savannah knocks on the door and tells me to hurry up. About 5 minutes into my shower I hear the door open and Savannah say "I need to get ready, I'm coming in" I peek out the door and there is Savannah wearing nothing but her panties standing in front of the mirror fixing her hair. I asked her to hand me a towel. She did handed me that towel. Got out, she took a sneak peek at my little Billy. With my mind set, I slowly begin to rub my thumb across her butthole. "What do you think you're doing?" she asked. I didn't respond and looked at her in the eyes while smiling. I start to lick and fingering her pussy. She starts to moan like she hasn't had anybody to do that in a very long time. After a few moments, I pick her up and kiss her while looking at her straight while smiling. I see tentacles coming out the sink and the walls are extending, I pick up Savannah and try to run as fast as possible. I couldn't run. My heartbeat was beating really fast, I told Savannah to run as fast as possible, she looks at me then she turns into a skeleton. I woke up.