Mom and Kristin

Date: 5/5/2019

By dollsteak1

Kristin needed some help teaching her class of young children and I was the only one available. Mom was around as well. I was resistant to help out and threw a tantrum shouting and slapping both of them multiple times. I would scream "shut the fuck up" and "you fucking bitch" as I slapped them in the face. Kristin was naked and tied up, but her body was different. Head sized breasts. Mom was sitting in a chair. Neither one of them had a negative reaction to my actions. Eventually I started crying uncontrollably and told them both how very sorry i was. We quickly moved on to the lesson plan and where to go to get to the classroom and all the details around teachong the class. At this point Dad showed up and gave me some kind of encouragement. At this point my alarm sounded, I hit the snooze and fell back asleep gor 10 minutes. This time i had a dream i was dealing poker at work. 2 players game. 1 player was all in and ahead on the turn with a straight, the other player had him covered and set. For some reason I wasn't allowed to deal the river without floor approval. I called for floor and multiple floors acknowledged me but none came by to assist. Eventually I pit out the river. I'm not sure who won, but i wanted the all in player to bust.