Date: 3/18/2017

By Beatrice Wielich

I was with my mum and someone else. The city was a total mess. I was just before my house, where the pharmacy is and three people(middle aged people)threw a piece of cloth dipped in alcohol and set on fire with some gun powder on it over a house. It was sent back and made a little explosion. I got angry with them and told them that's not the right behaviour for people of their age but everyone seemed to be acting like that. I also remember I went to someone's house, he was a mixture of De Luca and Pendibene, I started playing with a table game. They commented on my games somehow like they were there(we were able to see them but it didn't make any sense, also I had a strange game which I do totally not own in real life, those were videogames) I remember he kept repeating that the game I was playing with was a special version(I don't remember the name) that it was like a "preview" and it wasn't complete. A lot of strange things happened but I don't remember any further.