Assassin's Rebuke... Hit Teams (pistols) to a Showdown in a Parking Lot with the the Force...

Date: 8/13/2019

By AJacobs

First of all we were at this giant school school running a secret program. It was a bunch of... PCCS friends mainly I think. I think I died initially early on and joined it? There was maybe an assassination mission(s) that I went on way early in the dream. We were based out of an HQ room on the second floor of this school that looks like a mall and parking lot from the outside, it was night. Later, this leader (Ben Steinbeck) ordered for my dad and someone else to be killed. I blew up in argument at the headquarters room about him wanting to kill them just to keep his own mistakes covered up or something. These killings were unnecessary. Then I thought of something, keep their "water" that they turn into because then they can return as like me, once dead (maybe we all were here?). Then I thought, the leader has probably instructed them to dump his life water out so he can never come back. So they sent a two or three man team into the school with pistols to kill my dad and someone else. I went sulking around. I think Izzy was actually on the team to kill my dad. I think Tom Minter was there just as someone trying to stay neutral. I went out and explored the nearby hallways. There was a concert or a graduation going on in this massive gym with a band playing. I checked, but my dad was not conducting. At this point in no noticed I didn't have a shirt on, but that didn't matter. I walked to the other side of the stage behind and looked again. Then I started back towards the HQ room. I actually stumbled into my dad in a hallway. I told him he had to go, some people are coming to kill you. He walked briskly out without too much talk. I went back in the HQ room. I could see out the window where my dad was walking to his car. It was bright daytime now, dark nighttime was before this though. I looked around slightly nervously, the hit team and the leader were still gone. My dad got into his car and started driving off, not rushing or anything. The leader and the hit team came back. Iooked sullenly at them and hoped they would not spot my dad or his car and then take a sniper rifle out. I don't know if the leader talked to me or something... My dad got away, they didn't look or didn't recognize his car thankfully. Eventually the leader was mad at me and I was mad at the leader. He started an argument with me I think. This developed into a push and shove essentially. I started to gain confidence and found I could use magic/the force. After a short bit, one of us threw the other (I think I threw him with the force) out down the story to the parking lot below. We ended up prowling on the bright sunny parking lot. I was backing up as he monologued and we argued. He had others helping to flank me. The fight began. I moved my hands and arms to use the force. I threw them against each other. Knocked away their pistols. Moved cars to the side. There were sometimes I would attempt to build up power and release it all at once. This worked somewhat but diminished over time. This fight lasted until the Leader became a fork and flew into the sky. He rained some broken glass onto me and taunted me. I couldn't look up for fear of my eyes getting damaged. I pulled my coat hood over me and started moving away. I'm not sure how exactly this happened. I don't remember. He turned back into a regular human and I turned into a fly. I flew with the controls of like a helicopter joystick of sorts. I would go back and forth, and next to cars. I looked back and they couldn't see me and eventually gave up. This was not really a comfortable experience for me. I saw my legs dangling below me and my back and head close to horizontal. It was uncomfortable but safe. I flew to this outcropping of a 6 ft shrubbery area at the edge of the lot. There was this middle aged woman I started talking to. She was a fantastic artist and I started to ask her where she had been through the years and wondered if she is my long lost mother. This was cut short when I saw the Leader stalking towards me. I told her she had to go, leave now. The Leader approached and I turned to face him. I made some comment about being surprised he didn't have a gun or something. Then a younger kid with a pistol and blue coat tried to run past the leader and me to my right. With I flick of my wrist, I sent him hurdling into or next to the Leader. It may have been either here or before that I then flicked the pistol farther to my left as he would almost reach it again and again making it him fall on the concrete without the pistol multiple times. Then we fought a little more. My powers were diminishing and not doing much. Somehow this kind of turned into Magic the Gathering. Maybe I was like seeing a Magic Arena style board in front of me. We were both 1/1's maybe I had deathtouch I think. The Leader played a card to have our creatures fight. I said, "Wow, you'd really die to kill me?" Then he cast an instant to make me a 0/1... I thought, Oh no... Pretty much right there I think. I woke up.