Late and AmTrak

Date: 3/19/2019

By jBoetticher

I wake up at like 7:46, and school starts at 8. I go oh Frick and my girlfriend Fiona texts me and asks why I'm so late. I tell her that I just woke up and she says to cheat and set my transform component to her destination. I do, but turns out she's just a moose in a wheelchair. In the meantime I have to do an errand so I go walk to a bench and Patrick is there. He tells me about his new land generation system for my game but it kind of sucks, and I tell him I'll probably still use the one that Kevin made. I ask him how to get to school from there because it's 7:54, so he lead me to the AmTrak. I get on but he gets on another line. When I get in the train car, I see Madi. I say hi and good morning. I ask her how she is and all that. We get off the next stop and we have a pleasant stroll towards the field. AVID was doing something in the field, so when I went there, there were a lot of students coming out of the field. I went to Mr. Morgan's class, but there was almost no one there for some reason. I came in with a bunch of AVID students so I wasn't marked late. Someone gave me a mango and it tasted nice as I sat down. And I sat down a long time in that boring class.