Date: 1/26/2017

By Thatjamesguy

Set in a massive semi futuristic city taking place nearby a beach, maybe even on a large island, I played a young, seventeenish year old girl. she looked very much like me, but as in most of my dreams, she was not actually me, though she shared a lot of traits with me. I was on my way home via a rather unrealistically large road and car system (busses having several stories and being the width of houses) with a box/bag filled with sand and a few other things from the beach. I was going to use them for some kind of witchcraft, as my character was Wiccan, sort of, like me, but again, like in most dreams, religions, people, cities, etc, are always changed just enough to not be the same. I don't remember what spell it was specifically, but I vaguely remember it was similar to a lucky charm, but more powerful, as flashy 'real' magic existed in this world. as I started my long walk home through this massive city of oversized building with way to many stories, I ran into a group of friends. these people were inspired by my school friends, but again, their faces were changed just enough, and their personalities were completely different. one decided to go with me, a rather plump blond girl with a good heart but a bit of a rough personality. as we were walking, my dream filled me in on some lore on this world. apparently, there was a murderer on the loose who would skin their victims. they hadn't been found yet, of course. being that I was the main character in this dream, my friend and I rather predictably got lost and stumbled directly into the nest of this murderer. being a dom-in-training in real life, I was captivated in-dream by a large wall of bdsm equipment, including several different types of whips, leather bondage outfits for Dom and sub of both genders, lots of rope, belts and other things to tie someone down, several metal implements I couldn't name, and of course, all the fun sorts of gags one could find in a quick Google search. my friend, not being into that kind of thing, merely laughed at my excitement and admiration of the collection and kept walking into this large darkly lit though still semi futuristic place. I joined her not to much later, running directly into a wall of completely perfectly, beautifully cut and well kept human fur-suits. the murderer herself was another plump blond woman, though she was more than twice our age, maybe in her late thirties. she wasn't pretty, but held herself as such. she obviously captured us, as she had many, many goons around her to help. she took us to a large mall she had total control over. she had a collection of children in "Day care", though I never got to learn why children, since the suits were all adults. she took us through the food court, taking to us in that 'I'm your best friend but I'll cut you up if you talk out of turn' crazy sort of way an insane person does in movies. she filled two plates with a very, very specific amount of several food items from the court. I remember the boy working the at a deep fry stand to be particularly attractive, though he was clearly on the murderers side as he had smiled at her when she came by with us. at first I thought that she was just being picky, but by the end, our plates were towering with food. after a minute of confusion, dream me realised that if we became fat, our younger bodies would have enough skin to be worn by an adult. when I told my friend this in a panic, the murderer made a somewhat amused face that confirmed my suspicions, entirely. she took us to a sealed off room with a few other teenagers, telling us the strict schedule we'd be following, before leaving us alone and trapped. the other girls had had their spirits broken, and told us it was no use, as if we did manage to leave, we'd just be caught in the mall and killed early. I tried anyway, and did manage to get free, once, and just as the others had said, I was captured, though I was returned rather than killed. while the murderer was giving me a motherly taking to about not escaping or else, I woke up.