The tiger. The party, the break, the trip

Date: 8/13/2017

By Beatrice Wielich

So the first part of the dream I was at Cerenova and there was a tiger in our condo, it was really big and white, I remember I interacted with the tiger. The next part I am living in a villa that has a roof and I clearly remember that people would throw my new shoes down to the ground floor and I had to take them back and once it landed on a piano and that was absurd. Then I wanted something to eat so I went to a bar where there was Sabrina and another girl. All the things that were available were displayed on a shelf, like the food reproductions that they use in Japan. My friend Flavia asked the girl for *something* and I asked her to make me one that looked like coffee in a light blue crystal glass. She answered that it was hard to prepare and she said she didn't want to. I asked her if she could suggest me a drink and a snack to substitute that and she just interrupted me and left, so I went another place. There had been an accident in a town near where we were so I went there with Stan and the things I just bought. He was really worried about the time and told me more than once that I had to hurry. The path was almost all going up and before leaving we stopped on a road that had white benches, there were Federico P. and Emiliano on the bottom part of it. I turned back for a second to look at them and heard some music. A band with young guys which were mostly red headed and played cheap instruments showed up in front of me. We walked to reach the place, I have to specify we were near the sea. At a certain point we reached something that looked like a thermal establishment, I jumped in, got carried by the current and started a natural slide down to where we were. At a certain point a girl that looked very strange (she had a really fair skin and light green hair, almost white) asked me if she could slide behind me or if I wanted her to go before me. I don't remember what I have answered. At a certain point we reached a part where we had to walk again and we were talking about how that slide saved us (we didn't see anything about the disaster apparently, I don't think we reached the place that we were thinking of. About the time I just know that when we stopped on the road it had been one hour and we were supposed to make it into half a hour. At the end of the dream I was chatting with Stan and I learned that shortcut we took we payed 10 euros. I don't know. I am confused.