Land of whosmawhatsit

Date: 4/27/2019

By Klui_Joesween

We arrived at a big place that I’ll try to explain at the end and stood in many single-file lines that led to small buildings where we were told to take off our clothes and put on the ones they provided to ensure that we didn’t bring any weapons. When My friend and I got out, we started to follow our group to one of the four houses up in the hills. As we walked the trail, our group of girls passed a group of boys that greeted us extra politely, all at the same time as if they’d rehearsed what to say. We passed them and came to a very large street that split off four ways; the left one went around the hill, the middle left went up the hill diagonally, the middle right one went over the hill but ended at the highest point of the whole place, and the far right one went past the hill completely. My group, including my friend, charged ahead to the second road, but I couldn’t keep up. The road was made of hard-packed earth and was indistinguishable from the ground around it for me, who was not used to this place. I looked around frantically, trying to figure out where to go, and finally decided to double back and ask for help. I passed the main entrance and came upon a horse stable of sorts where a man was encouraging a boy to try riding his horse again. I walked along the straight track, thinking I’d look behind it for someone, and the boy fell off his horse again. I stopped and watched for awhile, gathering from their conversation that the boy had been a frequent rider before, but something happened and now he can’t seem to stay on the horse. He decides to give up, and the man doesn’t try to encourage him any further, giving up as well. That’s when I stepped up and told the boy to continue riding. I told him not to give up. I think I’d had some experience riding horses before coming here, and I think I’d lost my chance to ride and I’d given up. I was trying to keep this boy from loosing his opportunity like I did. The man left and the boy asked me who I was. I don’t remember telling him. But the boy tried again and rode further on the horse before falling. I decided to give the horse a treat of strawberry milk, but after pouring it I realized I’d given the horse too much. I’d greatly overestimated her size and even asked the boy if she’d shrunk. He laughed like I’d just asked if elephants were big. Apparently, this world was a magical one where horses’ sizes don’t stay the same. I didn’t freak, but kept my cool. I asked the boy for directions to the second house on the hill, and he pointed me in the right direction. I thanked him and went on my way, but when I arrived at the house I found I had no way of knowing wether I was at the right house. This one was pink and seemed to be housing many of my friends, but it didn’t feel right. I asked a rounded man with a bald head and kind eyes if he could help me find my dorm. When he stood from his chair, I found he was tall as well. Very tall. Taller than my dad. He greeted me warmly and used magic to create an orange path that would lead me to the correct house. (This path twisted and turned and looped upside-down and included a song, but I’m gonna scratch that.) when I arrived at the new house, the area was bleak and dark. Though the house shone a bright orange, the spooky landscape made me uncomfortable. After a few moments of trying to figure out what to do, the nice man showed up again. He apologized for leading me here saying he had to keep up appearances and warned me of the trench beside us. There were flappy things that sprung up like fire when the temperature rose and fell when the heat fell. Suddenly I felt as if I was in danger so the man led me away. He gave me a new path to follow, but this time they were simple instructions instead of a physical line. I followed what he’d said and hoped I’d finally find my friend at the end of this path. The sky and trees grew brighter and healthier as I walked. I arrived at a the top of a cliff face and walked along the ridge awhile before stopping to look around. I was standing on one of the highest points of the place and could see almost everything. I noticed a large statue of some sort sitting on the next hump of land and decided that if I climbed it I could see more. I ran down my hill and up the next and stopped beside the thing. The sun was setting and I still hadn’t found my dorm. I decided then that I could get much more lost in the dark than the day, and I’d grown tired of walking. So, I pushed open a door on the statue thing and stepped inside. I got the feeling that this place was similar to prison in the sense that we couldn’t leave and they were afraid of us carrying weapons, but it was also like a school or college by the way those boys were taught to greet the ladies and the other boy was learning again to ride a horse and we lived in collective houses. It also seemed like a work camp, similar to the book/movie, Holes. I really enjoyed this dream and really hope I get the next episode tonight. Keep in mind this was written at 3am.