Date: 8/26/2017

By Growlbittz

I was in some weird SAM'S CLUB-Style storage facility with a group of people. We were talking about some guy that was "The Thing" (shape taking creature) not shape shifter, different. then he randomly looked down at us from a random road that hovered over a corridor and pot holes on the road (he was peeking through one.) then we ran. then this weird teenage edgy blonde guy talked to us. he was oddly pissed off when my friend randomly called him an animal. and ripped him in half. then he came back to life later on in the dream and we yelled "YOU FILTHU DISGUSTING LIFELESS ANIMAL". then we ran and ran and we knew he was randomly chasing us emotionless without moving his arms (XD). then I woke up with a weird stomach ache. idk