Escaping jail

Date: 8/5/2017

By Winky1225

I got put into jail for going against my slave owner since it was slave times and then i met rick julian and a could other people from tv shows. While i was in jail i found out that the pastor was having a homosexual relationship with another inmate so i blackmailed a guard and he gave me his keys but he didnt know i was gonna escape. Then i got in a car with ricky and Julian and a sentient stuffed animal who actually got a ride with someone else and we started driving and then we got a call from the police and it was them trying to track us but julian didnt know that so hung up the phone and i got pissed cause a cop car was across the intersection and i thought i was going back to jail. But we kept driving and i ended up on some train with some people from game of thrones but we were on top of the train. And then the train started flying and there were three parts if the train that popped off the track and since there was. Six of us. Two people were on each section. So each person wrestled their partner off until one was standing and then the train parts started falling to the ground and i looked at yara greyjoy who was on another section and kind of nodded my head as if accepting death. But then i jumped off the piece right as i hit the ground and i lived and the other 2 did too so then captain America and the vision came out of like a plane that was on the ground and the vision had a green and white and red shield and then he told us we were all superheroes and the rest is a blur but i found out my powers and then went around to press conferences.